Blog Feeds Mini me is a special unique personalized doll gift, it is 100% handmade doll, and is created from your portrait picture. Mini me is a special doll just for yourself, has a wide range of mini me templates for you to choose or you can completely customize it yourself. We are the perfessional mini me doll doll maker and we serve world wide and dispatch our mini me dolls all over the world. Copyright 2008 - 2022 All rights reserved. <![CDATA[Fridge magnet is coming soon in 2016]]>
We have been working on some excitig stuff recently and we will introduce Fridge Manget Figure very soon, it is a figure that has a magnet in it ( within the figure, not visible ) so it can be placed on the fridge. below is the sample we just did, it looks really amazing. fridge magnet
<![CDATA[Christmas 2014 Orders]]>

Another Xmas is approching, as usual, our office is getting busy and start processing Christmas orders. To avoid deplays, please place your order before 5th December 2014 so that would give us enough time to work on your order and have it delivered before Christmas.

Any order that is placed after 5th December may not arrive before Christmas however we will try our best to complete it as soon as we could. 

Personlaized 3D figurines are very unique present for Christmas, we do have few templates that are in Xmas theme, however don't let it restrict your imaginations, we are alway happy to assist you and give suggestions on your ideas to make it more unique and fun. So don't hesitate to drop us an email about your thoughts and we will let you know our thoughts within few hours. 

In the end of this blog, I will attach a secret coupon code as thank you for taking time reading this post:

10% off for all items
Coupon Code:34322342234
Expiry Date: 5th December 2014 midnight


<![CDATA[Motorcycle wedding cake topper]]>
1. Motorbike rider style

personalized motorcycle rider figure
We built this figure template as a birthday gift and wanted to place on a cake, the client wanted to give her boyfriend something that is unique and never seen before, so she sent us a picture of her boyfriend which he wore his team suit and hold his motorcycle helmet. It tooks us 7 days to complete and the client was surprised. She told us her boyfriend was very happy when he saw it appear on his birthday cake and that was the most surprisest gift he ever have.

2. Ride a motorbike figure
motorbike rider figure

We built this motorbike rider figure as a birthday cake topper, the client asked us to use his own motorcycle instead and his own outfit, we followed the details that client described and the client was very happy to see the result. It was a 30 years birthday gift and the topper was placed on the top of the cake.

3. Couple stand in front of their motorbike
motorcycle wedding cake topper

This motorcycle figures was built as a wedding cake topper, the client asked us to use his own motorcycle as the background and have the couple stand in front of it. It tooks us 2 weeks to complete the project and the client was amazed when receive the topper and told us that topper was absolutely a shinny star when they place it on the wedding cake.

4. Scooter style wedding figures
scooter wedding cake topper

We built this scooter wedding cake topper recently for a wedding, instead of a motorcycle, the client asked to use a scooter instead with their own clothes. The client sent us a picture which placed it on top of the wedding cake and told us all of their guests loved it very much. 

5. Female motorbike rider
female motorcycle rider

This motorcycle rider template was built for a client's sister as a birthday gift, and was to place it on a brithday cake, the motorcycle was built followed by the client's own motorbike, we sold many figures using this template, it is a popular template for motorbike lovers. This figure was also placed on a birthday cake and looked amazing. 

We will build more motorcycle style wedding cake topper templates or figures in the near future, for all the latest motorcycle related figures, please visit link below:

Hope you enjoy this blog and if you have any question or new idea about your own motorcycle figure, please drop us a message.

<![CDATA[Shipping cost for UK and rest EU customers are reduced]]> Good news for U.K and E.U customers, we have just adjusted the shipping cost with 20% off with DHL, we wish that could encourage more first time viewer to try out products and have their own mini me figurine. 

As Christmas is coming soon, we are already getting busy and if you wish to have your own mini me, please place an order with us as soon as possible to avoid delays. We have trained more artists to join our team for Christmas and coming years.

We are looking forward to hear back from you. ]]>
<![CDATA[2012 Christmas and New Year Sale Now On]]>

Christmas is on its way ....

Looking for unique custom gifts this year?  To celebrate Christmas and the New Year, have launched our Christmas & New Year Sale earlier this year! All our templates and bespoke templates have now have 20% of their price off,  this year, we issue our discount  as usual, the price on our shop section still remain the same, you will need to go to our facebook page to get the discount code. In order to have the access of the discount page, you will need to click 'Like' button on our facebook page.

The discount code to get 20% off is valid from today till 02/01/2013, so please go to our facebook page and click 'Like' button, the follow the step in the following screen to get our 20% discount code.

Step 1:

Christmas Sale Step 1

Step 2:
Christmas step 2

Christmas time for us is very busy period for us, Our workload over the Christmas months pretty much doubles which puts a big strain on our resources so we strongly urge customers to make Christmas orders sooner rather than later, that is also the reason we launch Christmas & New Year Sale early this year. Also this year we give biggest discount ever because we really wish introduce this unique custom gift idea to all fist time visitors. 

Please note that to secure your order to be delivered before Christmas Day, please ensure that your order is placed no later than 9th December 2012, any order placed after 9th December 2012 will not be guaranteed to receive it before Christmas Day, it may arrive after Christmas.

During Christmas time, our office will still operate as usual, so we will still be able to answer your enquirers during Christmas time.  Our shop will be adding more templates to offer more selections this year, and you don't have to choose figurine templates for Christmas Theme, our other custom figurine templates are also could be fun for custom Christmas gift like the catwoman figurine template, business card holder , angel girl, iPhone holder  etc. Also it would be great to use your imagination to have the figurine fully customized in the way you want. That would be the most unique gift you ever give.

Finally we wish all of our customers, past and present a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at . ]]>
<![CDATA[Mini me dolls for parents as unique gift idea for Christmas 2011]]> As the air gets coder by day, Christmas seems to be sneaking up on us quietly, the cheerful happy season of celebration of the year is coming real soon. Christmas is a festival of joy and enjoying yourself to the fullest! Your decorate the Christmas tree, play games, go for trips, eat your favorite food and most importantly, give and receive gifts. 

If these Christmas gifts for parent are well thought and creative enough, then you can surely impress them with best wishes. So I would like to pick some templates that are best selling and high popularity mini me templates for parents, give it a thought and see if those mini me templates are suit for your thoughts.

1. Mini me doll template for traveling lover parents

Mini me doll template for travelers
The big ben is setting next by, this mini me doll was created for a couple who like to travel, this was fully customized order, the customer sent us pictures with outfits, big ben and clear shot of faces and they want to to be remembered for traveling to London earlier in 2011. 

2. Traditional Japanese couple template

This template was created for a Japanese couple, their daughter wanted it to be an 20th anniversary gift for their parents, in the scene, the couple wears traditional Japanese outfits and also their lovely cat was included, the little furniture was in Japanese style too which was followed form pictures provided.

3. Nurses and doctors template

This template was created for a couple who is a nurse and doctor. They are sitting on the ambulance and with all their equipment holding in hands. This one will be a very good one for parents who used to work in hospital. 

4. Tennis Fans mini me doll template

This template is good for parents who loves tennis, they are not sports for young people, it could looks nice with your parents faces on. 

5. Traditional Chinese Couple Template

This one is quite fun, in the picture, the couple wears traditional Chinese outfits and the man touches the woman's bottom with KungFu styles. 

6. Football fun parents

This mini me doll template are build for a couple who are football fans. The uniform shirt can be fully customized, we can replace it with the team you support also we can put number in the front and back too. 

7. Surfing fun

This surfing template comes with a little picture frame which can place your parent's picture in the back, it is a good idea to use their pictures from younger age and that could bring their memories back to reality. 

8. Christmas Mini me template
Christmas mini me template

This template is another best selling template during Christmas season, couple wears Christmas outfit with a Christmas tree in the back and standing on the ground with snows. This template is the perfect mini me template for Christmas, it is a must see template in our selections. :) 

We are going to add more templates early next week for more selections, basically the different mini me template could represent your parent at different age level, there is not necessary to build a doll with their current looking, we have many customers who choose our templates for younger people and replace with their parent pictures at their younger age, and that brought a shocking impressions to their parents from the feedbacks we received. What a brilliant idea!!! And we also have customers who order few dolls for their parents at their early 30's,40's,and 50's which also is a very good thoughts. And they could keep their parents in such unique figurines forever!

We wish you could discover a template that is just right for you. Also remember that we always are happy to fully customize mini me dolls for you with pictures. Open your mind and imaginations, let's start building your figurine that real cool and unique! Visit our shop section for more templates.
<![CDATA[Minime4u has a new looking]]> has a new looking has a new looking now. After 3 months of hard work from IT department, we have finally re-build our entire shopping system with a better looking and easy use facilities.

We have a fantastic sales so far, our artists team has been growing and we are now have 50+ artists in the studio serving our customers all over the world through and we have a growing number of franchisee's in China too. 

We are going to present more mini me templates later on this year and will hit social networks too such as facebook and twitter. Also we will release more coupon codes this year so you can always get a fantastic price on mini me dolls

Thank you all for being interested in our mini me doll products and we are very happy to answer any questions that you ask. For any enquires, you can always reach us at contact us section of the site. We normally get back to you within 2 business hours.
<![CDATA[Hello mini me 2011]]> Mini me happy new year

Happy new year everyone, sorry for this lately post, we were too busy to look after this blog during xmas time, and we had a fantastic sales during xmas, thanks for all you people's support!!

In the new year, we have many plans to boost our sales and we aim to be the top producer in this business. So if you guys have any suggestion, no matter what you want to say, even say hello to us, please let us know, and we will give discount code out as a thanks , and yes, you may have noticed that we have not update our tweets for discount code for ages, sorry about that, we will updates coupon code more often this year.

Also we are hiring more people for our marketing team so this year, we are planing to have a position on facebook.  So more people can be connected and know about us.

And we will list more new models this year so you have even more choices when you choose one for you.

We just launched another gift idea site which we call it, the idea basically is simple, Cartoonize U!!!!!!  We have hired some great cartoonists and they can draw you in to cartoon portrait in a very funny way with background, and we send you the digital work by email, so with this final work, it allows you to produce any kind of gift with it, like poster, greeting card, or just frame it.

So if you like it, start hiring us to build a Cartoon Portrait for you.

cartoon me

Have a look and see if you are interested. 

<![CDATA[Minime4u Blog is live]]> mini me blog is live

After a while of hard working from our IT people, this blog is finally comes out. In the near future, we will list more interesting models from us and coupon codes which you can save a lot on orders.

Also we would like to share more creative ideas with you about this business and what kind of doll you should make in order to make it unique and impressive!

Xmas is coming soon, we will list more models on the site for a selection for your xmas gift ideas.

Happy shopping guys!