How It Works

This section introduces how we buld the mini me doll and what do we require from customers

Step1. Provide your picture
custom figure step 1
Email us your photos, and please be aware of the position of your face in the picture should be facing front. see example below:
Step 2: Choose a template from our store
cartoon me step 1
You can choose the body template from our store or let us fully personalize one for you, just simply email us a separate photo which we can see your pose and outfits clearly. then leave us with the rest. see our body appearance samples from below:
Step 3: We start building your mini me figurine
Our designer start designing your doll from scratch, start from head, body, and during this period, we will email you sample pictures to ask your feedbacks, and we can adjust it based on your advice to ensure you are happy with the sample in order to continue. We offer unlimited improvements with no extra cost.

Step 4: Completed and Ship out to you
After all parts are approved by customer, we will finalize the doll and pack it very carefully and dispatch your mini me figurine to your address, you will be amazed when you receive this super fun figurine.