Welcome to Minime4u.com Reseller Program


We're excited about your interest in becoming a Minime4u reseller! This section will help you understand the program and evaluate whether it's a good fit for your business.
There is no deposit required for joining this program, you do not need to buy any stock, you do not need to have skills of making a figurine, you will be able to sell all of our inventory as yours with no start-up cost. There is no risk! All you need to have is willingness to sell.

What We Do for Our Resellers:

  • Elecellent quality products offering with reseller discount
  • Fast response reseller support
  • Reseller logo branding, we will not put any of our logo in it, you can fully re-brand the figurine with yours
  • Opportunities for other perfomance-based benefits
  • Door to door delivery to your customers

What is required of resellers?

  • Own a physical or online store, find and sell to customers.

That's all we ask from you really. To join our reseller program is quite easy, we do not require you to match certain level of standards, you can sell items in any price, there is no limitation.