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It has been a while since we update our last blog, the team has been very busy as always and we find blog may not be the best way to keep our customers with latest update since social nertwork has taken over the way it used to work.

We have been working on some excitig stuff recently and we will introduce Fridge Manget Figure very soon, it is a figure that has a magnet in it ( within the figure, not visible ) so it can be placed on the fridge. below is the sample we just did, it looks really amazing. fridge magnet

Filed under: Latest News

As the air gets coder by day, Christmas seems to be sneaking up on us quietly, the cheerful happy season of celebration of the year is coming real soon. Christmas is a festival of joy and enjoying yourself to the fullest! Your decorate the Christmas tree, play games, go for trips, eat your favorite food and most importantly, give and receive gifts. 
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